Saturday, 24 January 2015

Joining Uni at the tender age of 37!

Being asked for ID on a night out I guess doesn't normally occur in the life of your normal middle aged bloke, but when most of your class mates are half your age and you're joining them at a students only event, it's hardly surprising the doorman stops you and says "Sorry mate, students only"!

Becoming a full time student at the age of 37 isn't an easy decision and I was pre warned about the commitment it takes. Throw in to the mix fatherhood and doing a job on top of it, I never thought it would be a walk in the park and party time every night either, but it was a risk I was prepared to take.

It certainly wasn't a decision taken lightly and it is a commitment I'm willing to offer up, hoping to reap the rewards further down the line, hopefully making those who've given me the support, proud one day. Of that I can be very grateful for, the support of not only my friends and family, but tutor and lecturers too have been incredible.

It's early days of course, and we've only just finished our first semester, but I can confidently say I think it's one of the best decisions I've made! If making the decision to put my career on hold and take on full time education in pursuit of a degree wasn't difficult enough, I was then left with deciding between journalism, hotel & resort management and business management, having been offered a space on them all. After the 1st semester though, I have no doubt I made the right decision.

The practical experience we've gained from working within an organisation like Derby County Football Club since the first couple of weeks already, have been second to none and is what sets this particular course aside from the rest. I'm hoping to share my experiences on a regular basis and I hope to be able to give you an insight in to just how valuable this partnership with DCFC and other sport organisations are to us as students and ultimately the industry later on in our careers.

For now, let's get behind the Rams as they're taking on neighbours Chesterfield in the FA Cup fourth round.

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