Thursday, 26 February 2015

Your90 with Sam Rush

Your90 with DCFC
CEO and fans.
What an incredible experience I had today!! Shortly after arriving, Faye gave me another research task, this time to look at senior membership and what we could do to improve ours. We then went in to a meeting to discuss our Ram Squad membership package and how we could improve on what we offer our junior members in their welcoming pack based on some of the research I've done.

At 6pm I accompanied Faye and DCFC’s CEO, Sam Rush in a fan’s forum called Your 90, where 10 fans were given the opportunity to sit in the boardroom, give feedback on their experience and ask the CEO questions. Not many people get that opportunity and it was brilliant to be involved. Some of the research I did on what other clubs offer in the way of senior membership was discussed and all in all it was an amazing experience!

Thank you DCFC and University of Derby for offering all of us on this course such great opportunities! 

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