Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Marketing Department – Derby vs Charlton Athletic

Another match day experience for me today but this time from a marketing perspective. Faye Nixon, head of Marketing for DCFC presented me with a list of tasks that needed completing by 6pm, in time for kick-off against Charlton Athletic at 19:45.

Tasks included doing research on what other clubs offer in the way of membership for juniors and writing a report on how we could improve our scheme and what we offer our juniors. Various admin duties had to be completed also including the events team’s schedule and writing out birthday messages which needed to be displayed on the big screen during half time. A simple but yet scary process thinking that if I get it wrong it will be witnessed by 30,000 people!

Alex was also in the Marketing department last week, doing his last today and together we set up the tuck-shop in the family area before joining in the 6pm meeting with the events team. The entire time schedule for music, the big screen display, the entertainment on the field, etc. was read out to the minute and everyone was made aware of exactly what their duties were, which in itself was very interesting.

A great save by Lee Grant as Alex and I watch
proceedings closely from behind the goal.

Our role was a little less stressful as we were given the task to assist Megan with the kids’ tuck-shop until kick-off, before we took our seats right behind the goal on the south stand where I took a great catch after a deflected shot just to discover mud all over my suit! I don’t think I’ve very been that cold at a match before but another enjoyable day. Derby won 2-0 which always helps!

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