Friday, 20 March 2015

87% for Introduction to Sport Management CW1!

There are two ways to look at this:
  1. "It's only the first year and the grade doesn't count for much."
  2. "It's a great foundation to build on and I'm really proud of it!"
I'm opting for the second one! I was really chuffed and could hardly believe my eyes at first. I know it's only Year 1 and the thought briefly entered my mind, but I quickly decided that I'd much rather take pride out of the grade and use it as a foundation going forward, rather than being disappointed that it's only Year 1 and what I'd give to get that mark in Years 2 and 3 and maybe beyond! Of course I'd want it then, but who's to say I can't? Getting a good grade now should be an ideal foundation to build upon and I'm keen to do so! That's why I believe it's best to give just as much attention to Year 1 as any other ear going forward - certainly in my case. Yes, the work load will undoubtedly get bigger, which makes putting in the effort in the first year, and gradually climbing the steps, even more advisable.

I love the feedback structure the university follows. There'll always be three good points and three suggested areas that need improving. the feedback given to me on this assignment is that it's pleasing to see that I've taken the advice from previous assignments and applied it well, which is pleasing in return. The structure also makes it possible to be aware of further areas I can improve on, which, providing I carry on doing the things I do well, should continuously develop my writing and improve me as an academic student going forward. I think there's a certain element of evidence in the fact that my grades so far has increased on each occasion (64%, 65%, 74% & 87%). Long may this trend continue or at the very least be maintained!

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