Thursday, 5 March 2015

An Evening with Sam Rush

Sam Rush at a Q&A event with students from the University of Derby

Sport Management and Business students were treated with a question and answer session with Sam Rush, CEO of Derby County Football Club, at the university yesterday. The event gave us a great insight into what it takes to be a successful leader and I managed to take quite a few handy tips away with me. It was hosted by Ian Roberts, Head of Derby's Business School, done in a very relaxed atmosphere as if they were chilling in the lounge.

Having met and listened to Sam Rush on a few occasions now, I get struck each time by how humble and down to earth he seems. In many ways he's no different to the ordinary guy on the street, your friend, one who enjoys a good laugh, but behind all of that is someone who has already achieved a great deal and a highly respected leader.

Mr Rush was voted as the FA's Chief Executive Officer of the Year recently by his fellow peers, quite a remarkable achievement! He put his success down to a few things, one of which is hard work! I think it's no secret that success and hard work go hand in hand. During a recent  talk by Keith Loring, ex-CEO of DCFC and consultant of Derbyshire County Cricket Club, emphasis was also put on hard work being the key to his success.

Mr Rush also mentioned what an important role his team around him plays. He believes much of his success is down to them and the fact that it's vitally important to have the right people for the right jobs. Everyone focussed on achieving the best results possible and all have a positive attitude in reaching the same goal.

Another key to his success is the fact that he listens to others. In his first 100 days as CEO of DCFC, Mr Rush said he focussed on meeting as many people in the business possible and listened to what they had to say.

Sport Management students and Lee with Sam Rush
I think those three points in itself serve as a great foundation to be a successful leader going forward. Hard work, employing the right people and listening to others are three attributes I certainly want to adopt which will hopefully help me become a successful leader too.

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