Saturday, 14 March 2015

Applicant Day

It doesn't feel all that long ago I visited the University of Derby on an Open Day. In fact it was only a year ago! Now I have the pleasure of helping other students make that decision. I guess my circumstances was a little bit different to most other students but I was pretty certain that the University of Derby was the best choice for me. The biggest decision I had was to choose between Journalism and Sport Management. Less than a year later, I have no doubt I made the right decision! Nothing against journalism, in fact I think the UOD offers an amazing course, but Sport Management has not only offered me a wonderful experience and opportunities, but has already developed me personally. And I've made some great friends already along the way!
Lukas sharing his experience

Sharing this experience with others is a privilege of being an ambassador of the Sport Management degree. Today we took 5 candidates to the iPro stadium on a tour followed by a presentation and small group task. I think it is a great added bonus to hear the experience directly from the current students, who themselves were in the candidates shoes less than a year ago.

I thought Lukas did a great job as well. The beauty about it is that we don't have to cold sell the course - the passion and experiences we're sharing speaks for itself!
It was great talking to potential new colleagues and I'm sure they'll have an equally amazing experience should they be accepted and decide to join us. Thank you Sid for doing a great job showing the applicants around and Emily for offering up her time and hosting us.

Back at Kedleston Road, an enjoyable day was topped off with a bit of lunch and mingling with the students and their parents answering some questions.

Would be great to have these candidates on the course next year!
Good luck to you all in your decision making!

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