Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Marketing Photos

The university's marketing team decided to take some photos of a few students in action at the iPro Stadium last night, and Grace and I were asked to assist in showing them around. Apart from the honour of being asked after being recommended by DCFC, it ended up being great fun!

Grace and I met up with Sarah and Angela from the Marketing team as well as Matt Jones, the photographer, at the stadium a couple of hours before kick-off. After collecting our all access passes we first visited the ticketing office where Matt captured Soren in action as a few last minute tickets were being sold.

We then made our way up to the Pedigree Suite where Josh was welcoming guests and I got the feeling that Sarah and Angela would have been quite happy to settle down in the comfort of the suite with a beverage or two but we had to stick to the schedule!

Leaving Josh to keep his customers satisfied we went pitch side and on the way showed Matt where Lukas was positioned as a steward. Lukas also works in the ticketing office but on match day he enjoys the extra responsibility which comes with being a match steward.

By now, most of the stadium was filled up and while both Derby and Middlesbrough were out in the middle warming up, we watched Jonny, who normally would take on the massive responsibility of putting on the Rammie suit, helped co-ordinate the children accompanying the players as they walk out on to the pitch for the start of the match.

Being part of the action and working pitch side when the stadium is packed and the crowd singing away always gives me a shiver down the spine! I keep having to pinch myself thinking just how fortunate we are to be getting this experience from the outset. I remember watching English football from a young age back in South Africa and never in my wildest imagination did I ever think that one day I'll be standing pitch side and being part of it!

Derby unfortunately lost 2-0 and the fight for an automatic promotion place is becoming an uphill struggle. Let's hope they pick up the form they've shown for most of the season and clinch that Premier League spot!

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