Sunday, 8 March 2015

Where do we find the time?

Time Management

I guess we all struggle at times to fit everything we want and need to do into our day. Perhaps one of the keys to managing it are two words in the opening sentence. "Want" and "Need". If we can differentiate our tasks between those that "need" to be done as against those we "want" to get done, it might be easier to prioritise things and plan your day.

"Prioritise" and "Plan" are two other important elements forming part of successful time management. No matter what sport we play, we'll go out there with a game plan. The same should apply to our day to day routines. Without a plan, there can be no sense of direction or purpose, which is a recipe for disaster. Remember, "Fail to prepare, prepare to fail".

Once we've established what we need and what we want - and it's important to find a balance between the two because we all have wants and want to enjoy ourselves - we need to plan our day by prioritising those tasks we feel need to be completed first or those which are most important.

Some tasks will have a deadline. This makes it a bit easier but sometimes it's hard to differentiate between the importance levels of some. Sometimes we're faced with a heavy load and we find ourselves jumping from one thing to another without completing anything.

I read a very good article the other day suggesting that a good way to tackle a problem of that nature, is to break the list down. Find the most important 3 things on the list and focus only on those until they're completed. Then move on to the next 3 things you feel are most important and so on.

I've already applied that to my weekly schedule and it certainly seems to be working. It's amazing how much time can be freed up to do the things we want once effective planning and prioritising has lead to the successful completion of those tasks that need to be done.

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