Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Assignments, Exams, Interviews, PDP's & Pridmore's Pen!

I trust you've all had a great Easter and enjoyed a break. Mine was predominantly filled up by getting everything ready for the last couple of Academic weeks of Year 1. How exciting does that sound! Also rather stressful I may add.

I know there is a certain group of students with the view that Year 1 isn't that important, but I find it difficult to share that point of view. I think by getting into a good habit of working hard and being organised lays a solid foundation going forward.

I was absolutely over the moon when I received my grade for Introduction to Sport Management CW1 a couple of weeks ago and found I got 87%! I always say we have two choices in life; we could either be positive or negative. It applies to almost every single second of one's life. I've chosen to stick to the positive side of the grade instead of allowing myself to think it's only Year 1. As my grades have increased with every assignment, I've set my own bars quite high and now the challenge is to maintain that level of standard.

I wrote about the importance of affective Time Management a few weeks ago and it's being truly put the test at the moment. It's having to juggle things between doing an assignment, studying for an exam, attending interviews, completing PDP's and preparing for Pridmore's Pen, our 10 minute group sales pitch we have to deliver as part of Introduction to Sport Management and CW2. All of which have a deadline within the next two weeks!

So far, so good, I'm happy to report. The theory of planning and prioritising has come in handy and I feel I'm on track to deliver what's required and finish the year strongly. My written assignment is done and I've made adjustments I felt were needed according to the feedback and advice I've been given midway through it and from my previous assignment. I've attended a successful interview for the role of Social Media Officer for our programme, and my PDP's are all completed and submitted. I'm fortunate to be in a group with two great team members for Pridmore's Pen and having done an excellent 2 minute elevator pitch, we're in the process of rehearsing for the main event, the sales pitch on Monday.

The one area of concern I have is the Academic & Applied Skills and Research Methods exam! Having done a reasonable amount of preparation by going through each week's slides, familiarising myself with terminology and theories, I found the mock exam on Monday quite hard to be honest. I managed to get myself the fifth edition of Research Methods in Physical Activity which will hopefully help me develop a better understanding of the topic. I have ten days!

Without affective time management, I think I would have been in a real spin at the moment, but as it is I feel quite confident that I'm pretty well organised and equipped to finish the year well, ready to take on Year 2! At least Year 1 has taught me a valuable in skill - Time Management! But of course, a lot more also!

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